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Divorce & Separation Attorney in Sacramento, California

Compassion And Strategy For Getting Through Divorce

The divorce process can feel stressful and intimidating. So many decisions and unknowns. With the right guidance, you can move forward with confidence and be ready for the challenges at each stage.

The Law Office of Richard M. Abdallah helps you approach divorce in a purposeful way to establish your priorities and problem-solve disputes. Our attorney combines compassionate advice with strong legal advocacy to protect your interests and achieve the best possible outcome for this difficult life change. We handle contested and uncontested divorces, representing men and women in Greater Sacramento and surrounding counties of Northern California. Our firm also represents clients in the neighboring areas of Roseville, Stockton, El Dorado Hills, and Davis, California.

Team Up with an
Attorney Who Cares


Experienced Counsel for Divorce and Separation

Our lawyer, Richard Abdallah, has a decade of focused experience in California family law. We will help you define your goals and strategies so that you go into divorce with a plan regarding every facet:

  • Property division – California’s community property law requires an even split of the marital assets and debts, including your house, retirement accounts and everything else. We help you find practical trade-offs to reach a property settlement.

  • Legal separation – Some couples choose to live apart without divorcing, perhaps with the hope of reconciling. Legal separation is a formal process to separate your finances and property interests without dissolving the marriage.

  • Spousal support – Alimony can be awarded as reimbursement for career sacrifices or short-term assistance while a spouse re-enters the workforce. We can gauge whether alimony is likely in your divorce and, if so, how to use it as a negotiating tool.

  • Custody and child support – We help solve the logistic challenges and financial issues of co-parenting after divorce, including the determination of primary custody.

  • Domestic violence – If there has been spousal abuse or threats of violence, the court will issue a temporary protective order. This order can later be extended as a permanent order of protection if warranted. We represent either spouse in these proceedings.

Divorce is not quick or easy, but we strive to resolve your issues in a cost-effective and timely manner. Let Richard Abdallah‘s experience and client-centered approach guide the way.

Seeking Solutions from A Position of Strength

At The Law Office of Richard M. Abdallah, we aim to resolve the conflicts of divorce out of court when possible. Mr. Abdallah is a believer in mediation to find a middle ground on property division, custody and other facets of divorce. A negotiated solution is almost always preferable to one imposed by a judge. It limits the costs and the animosity and gives you more control over the outcome. However, we will vigorously defend your property rights and your parental rights if going to court is unavoidable. We always prepare for the possibility of trial to put you in the strongest negotiating position.

Call our Sacramento law office to arrange a consultation, or contact us online to give us a few details and we will get back to you promptly. We welcome people from all walks of life in the surrounding communities of Northern California.